Sunday, May 29, 2011

Best Android Phone for Business Use

I'm sick and tired of my freezing up Blackberry Storm 1 and I'm eligible to get a new work phone. Since I already have an iPhone 4 for personal use (love it, by the way), I wanted to get Android. Why Android? Well, I need to review a lot of different apps and devices for work - I already have iPhone and iPad, and there are few apps available for Blackberry, so it's time I had an Android device.

Since my iPhone handles all my personal needs what I need now is a work warhorse that also gives good app, long battery life (for travel days on the road), Google maps (use it to find meeting locations), and a full-featured browser (tired of Blackberry browser pains). Most helpful would be good productivity tools (word, excel) and VPN features to connect to my desktop for emergency document retrieval.

Oh, and did I mention that I'd much prefer to stay on Verizon, the best rated network (I also have a work Verizon data plan I use constantly).

After some research, the clear leader is the Samsung Galaxy S2 - looks like it has everything I need. Only problem is, it isn't out yet in the U.S.

So if I went with an existing Verizon Android phone to meet my work requirements, the best choices look to be Motorola Droid 2 or the HTC Incredible 2, Both seem to have decent battery life (Incredible 1 was plagued with poor battery performance). Droid 2 seems more business oriented, with VPN and other features I need (Incredible 2 doesn't seem to  have) but not sure I like a sliding phone (wonder if access to top row of keys will be difficult with my big thumbs).

My rank would likely be Droid 2 over Incredible 2 but not sure if I should buy one now or wait for the Galaxy S2.... Any suggestions?