Saturday, October 15, 2011

Asia Trip: Days 4 and 5 - Hong Kong

On Wednesday, visited the International Islamic University of Malaysia on the outskirts of KL.

Beautiful campus in the hills. Then it was off on a three hour flight to Hong Kong.

Arrived at the JW Marriott late at night. Great, busy, business hotel - lot's of big meetings going on in lobby. Couldn't see anything at night but in morning, view of harbor was beautiful.

Hong Kong is GREAT city - New York in the hills of LA.

Only they are even more enamored of  shopping malls and brands than LA. Pacific Place is right next to the hotel, one of the swank malls.

Had a Harvey Nicks.

 Plus every big brand imaginable.

After meetings ended Thursday had a few hours to myself before heading home Friday. First tihing was checking out the Peak Tram to the top of the Hong Kong peak mountain.

Then later that night it was time for a night on the town with Nick and Glenn.

Highlight was the night market in Kowloon.


And of course the laser show at 8pm every night.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Asia Days 2 and 3: On to Kuala Lumpur

A day of business in Singapore - our office building

An evening of spicy crab.

Then off to Kuala Lumpur. This city - though Muslim - is less gentrified, a more diverse mixture of old and new, with a bit of an East Village vibe. Hotel Shangi-La is very nice.

People love their scooters here.

At night the city vibes with tropical bars....

Colorful lights hang from the big trees.

Petronis towers:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Marty's Asia Trip: Day 1 - Singapore

Arrived in Singapore today. As my classmate Mikael says, it's like Southern California (only a bit steamier). Weather in the evening was lovely however.

Stopped in the morning at the botanical garden. Many varieties of ginge and orchids. Also people doing calisthentics.

In the afternoon I went to Chinatown, saw the Buddist Tooth Relic Temple

Finally went down to the marina where the Sands hotel and financial center is. Beautiful at night.