Monday, December 22, 2008

Memorial Book for Dad

I've signed up for an online bookmaking service that will let me invite family to create a memorial book for Dad. The service is called Memory Press.

It's kind of neat - it lets you upload pictures and type in your own words, then lay it out, then you can print out a leather bound book for family. I think it's a great way to invite people to share in a memorial or other kind of family celebration. An interesting use of "Web 2.0."

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  1. Hey Martin! I'm a friend of Michael's from COSI. I've been thinking about your family lately. I know this time of year is hard. And although you barely know me, I thought I would share a memory I have of your Dad.

    Way back in high school I was trying to make latkes. I don't even remember why this was vitally important to me, but it was. I remember calling Mike to get the recipe from your Mom. Well, I was set straight very quickly. I was informed that your Dad was the latke maker of the family. He very graciously got on the phone and walked me through the recipe. And those were the best latkes I've ever had. Now every time I eat a latke I think of your Dad and Mike and your family.

    Your Dad touched so many lives with his kindness and humor. He lives on through you and Mike. I hope your hearts are comforted with the thought that he is fondly remembered.

    Have Mike give me a tweet @2slappy.

    Take care. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    Julie Woodruff