Sunday, February 15, 2009

California Dreamin

Just got back from our annual Palm Springs trip. Did the usual things: stayed in Desert Hot Springs, relaxed in spa, hiked through canyons, visited our property. Had our ritual breakfast at Rock Garden Cafe before leaving town.

The house we stayed in was lovely - better than we had expected. Turned out to have three bedrooms and so we changed beds to feel like we were getting our money's worth.

The outdoor spa was the highlight, though. Didn't really need the pool - we'd warm up the spa each night and soak under the stars while we prepped dinner. Then we'd eat next to the outdoor fireplace.

Went on our usual hike through Palm Canyon - that's the canyon that gave Palm Springs its name. It winds behind the town between the hills, and a mountain spring creates a microclimate with cottonwood trees and Palms.

Also went hiking in Box Canyon, which is about fifteen miles east toward the town of Indio. You drive to the end of the desert cities, then cross the All American canal (which is a canal off the Colorado River that pumps water into the valley for date and orange farms), then head into the Mecca Hills, which are low, dirt-colored hills on the north side of the San Andreas fault. There was no-one there at all, it was eerily quiet, and with temperatures in the mid-sixties, it was a much more forgiving environment than it usually is in summer, when temperatures can reach 125. Of course, we also took lots of pictures of our lot in Desert Hot Springs, which you can see here.

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