Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back from China!

By the way, I've been back from China for a little over a month. It was incredible! I am working on a report for school, I will share on the blog - with pictures etc. - later this summer.

Meanwhile, just a few pics to give you a flavor. What an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience.

 Great wall greatness.

Entrance to the Forbidden City.

 Howard Johnson's in Shanghai spells out something profound in Chinese.

 The view of PuDong from the Bund in Shanghai - what's all the electricity cost?

 Good friends were made into great ones!

Port of Shanghai - an amazing engineering feat built in 2 year.

Local transportation.

Hangzhou - West Lake - views that inspire Chinese lovers and poets.


  1. Hey Martin
    Great pictures. Would want to know can we take our family along for the China trip ??

  2. Actually you are encouraged not to bring your family - this is meant to be a class bonding experience. It may be the last time in your life you can have an adventure with close friends and have an excuse to leave family behind - so take advantage of it! (You can always bring your family back later and take them to your favorite sights).